1.       General
With the payment confirmation of your booking at acsol.ch, a contract is concluded between you and acsol.ch. We therefore ask you to read these terms and conditions carefully.
2.       Booking
A booking takes place personally, by e-mail, by phone or online at acsol.ch. The booking is only valid after the submission of a valid passport. With your booking you accept these general terms and conditions as part of the contract between you and the organizer.
3.       Subject of the contract
The organizer undertakes to provide the appropriate services to the desired activity which he offers, according to the descriptions on his homepage. Special requests can be considered after arrangement with the organizer. Any additional costs have to be absorbed by the customer.
4.       Conclusion of the contract
Upon receipt of the payment confirmation (credit card) by the organizer, the contract between you and acsol.ch is concluded. From this point on, the rights and obligations under the contract take effect for you and acsol.ch.
5.       Prices
The prices for the activities are based on the current price list of acsol.ch, which is visible on the website. They are stated in Swiss Francs as the price per activity. Price changes are reserved.
6.       Terms of payment
With the booking confirmation a 100% payment will be charged.
If the payments are not made on time, the organizer is authorized to withhold the services or to terminate the contract. Any cancellation costs will be charged to the customer in accordance with section 7.
7.       Cancellation or modification of the booking by the customer
A cancellation by the customer prior to the beginning of the activity must be notified immediately.
In case of a cancellation, the customer will be charged for the following part of the costs:
•         14th – 2nd day before the start of the activity: 80%
•         from 48 hours before the start of the activity: 100%
If the customer does not show up for the activity or the activity can not be carried out due to late arrival of the customer, he pays 100% of the price. Additional costs, which arise due to postponements or late arrival of the customer, are at his expense. If the customer starts an activity after it has already started, or if he leaves it before its end, there is no right to a refund.
8.       Cancellation or modification of the activity by acsol.ch
The activity may get cancelled or changed by the organizer, if participants give reasonable cause through their acts or omissions. In this case, the regulations of the cancellation costs according to section 7 come into force.
If the activity is endangered or rendered impossible due to force majeure, weather and nature conditions, governmental measures or security risks, the organizer may cancel the activity or discontinue it ahead of time. The price paid will be refunded, less any expenses already incurred by the organizer.
Replacement claims are excluded. The organizer endeavors to offer a replacement as equivalent as possible. The organizer may change the activity or individual agreed services if unforeseen circumstances (force majeure, natural conditions etc.) require it. If a significant program change results in a price increase of more than 10%, the customer can withdraw from the contract.
9.       Terms of participation
The activities require a good state of health. The participant is obligated to inform the organizer about any health problems. The participants are under no circumstances allowed to take part in the activities if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicines or similar substances.
It is the duty of the customer to abide by the terms of participation and to follow the instructions of the organizer. If disregarded, the participant can be excluded from the activity. In case of exclusion before the beginning of the activity, the cancellation conditions according to section 7 apply. If the exclusion occurs after the beginning of the activity, the customer is not entitled to a refund.
The minimum age for the offered activities is 16. Immature customers must provide a written approval from their legal representative.
10.    Excluded customers
The participation in activities with firearms is prohibited for persons from countries excluded from the purchase of sports equipment in the weapons law (Art.7 WG, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Albania)
11.    Insurance
The insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
12.    Liability
Acsol.ch commits itself to its customers to prepare and carry out the activities conscientiously and professionally. The organizer is responsible for any deficiencies in the execution of the activity, as far as it is a default of the agreed services by the organizer or about changes equal to a loss. The organizer recompenses the cancellation of agreed services by means of equivalent compensation. In any case, the liability remains limited to the effective damage. For program changes due to delays no liability is assumed.
The organizer disclaims any liability for damages and disadvantages of any kind, which are due to no or slight fault of the organizer.
For actions of the activity leader, the organizer is liable only if the activity leader acts culpably in the carrying out of his activity.
The organizer takes for its customers the procurement of products and services of other activity organizers. Also excluded from liability are damages caused by force majeure, armed conflicts, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and governmental orders. If the organizer legitimately transfers the carrying out to a third party, the organizer is not liable for its actions and omissions. If the instructions of the organizer are not followed, the organizer will not be liable.
If the participant causes willful damage to the infrastructure or the equipment, he is completely liable for it.
13.    Safety regulations when using firearms
Each participant is obliged to understand and comply with the following safety regulations. Failure to comply will invalidate any liability of the organizer / activity manager.
1. All weapons are always considered to be loaded!
2. Never aim a weapon at something you do not want to hit!
3. As long as the sighting device is not aimed at the target, the index finger must be kept outside the trigger!
4. Be sure of his goal!
14.    Complaints
Any damages or complaints suffered must immediately be notified to the responsible activity manager and must be confirmed by the latter. However, no activity manager is authorized to recognize claims on behalf of the organizer. As part of the program and opportunities, activity managers will seek to find a remedy.
Claims for damages must be made in written form to the organizer within two weeks after completion of the activity by registered letter. The confirmation of the activity manager and any possible evidence must be enclosed. In case of late submission or late complaint during the activity all claims expire.
15.    Applicable law / jurisdiction
Between the customer and the organizer only Swiss law is applicable. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Sarnen.
16.    Translation
Applicable are the general terms and conditions in the German language. Deviating statements in other languages are only for the sake of convenience.